NOSE Academy

Solutions with Canine Scent Detection

Our area of ​​expertise spans product development as well as research and design services

NOSE Academy

Solutions with Canine Scent detection

Our area of ​​expertise spans product development as well as research and design services

Our Services

Consulting and design

We provide consultation on projects related to the use of dogs’ sense of smell, no matter what size. Our consultant has amassed 7 years of experience working with dogs on the scent of mould and bedbugs, as well as doing scientific research on the scent of cancer and Covid-19.


Smart technology for dog training

We engineer and develop smart devices for odour separation training. We have designed and patented interactive training devices for dogs: a scent bot with treat dispenser and cell phone application, and a sample-holding track equipped with smart technology.


Products for odour separation training

We sell basic equipment for dog odour training, such as sample-holding tracks, jars, and ready-to-use scents. We sell complete starter sets to get your dog started on nose work. The track was designed by Susanna Paavilainen specifically for odour separation and is manufactured in Finland. 


Covid-19 Scent testing – pilot project at Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Our company launched the first Covid-19 scent test in Europe at Helsinki-Vantaa airport in September 2020. The project has been realised in cooperation with scent detection association Wise Nose and with the University of Helsinki.

Meet Our Team

Jouko Vepsäläinen

Jouko Vepsäläinen

Scientific Specialist

Jouko is a professor of chemistry and a full-time inventor specialising in the application of chemistry to solve problems.

Susanna Paavilainen

Susanna Paavilainen


A bio-detection dog trainer and dog handler, Susanna has contributed a great number of innovative ideas. Her broad network and strong implementation skills can be applied to various different types of projects.

Antti Linna

Antti Linna


Agreements and Contracts.


Cani anti-Covid all’aeroporto di Cuneo Levaldigi: con il fiuto identificano i positivi

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The only Covid-19 test you might actually like: corona-positive passengers at the Helsinki airport are detected by dogs

Finland is using Covid-sniffing dogs as a complementary testing measure for international...

Helsinki- Vantaan nuuskunenät —Suomessa koronakoirat työssään ensimmäisenä Euroopassa

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How can we help you?

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Meet 🐶Silja🐶

Name: Silja
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Age: 8 years
Done scentwork: 6 years
Favourite food: Salmon
Indication method: Keeps nose in cup and paws next to the cup

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Nimi: Silja
Rotu: Labradorinnoutaja
Ikä: 8 years
Tehnyt hajuerottelua: 6 years
Lempi ruoka: Lohi
Ilmaisutapa: Pitää nenän purkissa ja tassut purkin viereen

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❗️Meidän koronakoiratutkimukseen voi nyt osallistua myös lentokentän ulkopuolella (Helsingin ja Vantaan alueella)❗️

Jos olet saanut PCR-testistä POSITIIVISEN testituloksen, voit soittaa meille numeroon 046 656 8520 ja haemme ihopyyhintänäytteen suoraan kotioveltasi sovittuun aikaan.

Tämän jälkeen täytettäväksi jää internetissä taustatietojen kyselylomake.

Koronakoirat kiittävät! 🐶

This is what Kössi thinks, how about you? 😷

#covid_19 #covidtesting #covid_k9 #covidcanine #koronakoira #koronakoirat #helsinkivantaa #airport